For those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome throughout St. Louis, St. Louis Medical Center offers non-invasive treatments to relieve the pain and treat the symptoms and cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is, essentially, a pinched nerve. The Median Nerve which runs from your spine through your arm can find itself pinched in your wrist area. This causes the numbness and tingling.

This nerve gets pinched, most commonly, through repetitive motion of the wrist. Motions such as typing, lifting and moving objects in a similar way every day can cause Carpal Tunnel. While you cannot avoid every repetitive task it is important to look for the symptoms of carpal tunnel. At St. Louis Medical Center we diagnose your wrist and hand pain properly and set up a treatment plan for each individual patient.

We use non-invasive treatments such as anti-inflammatories, wrist splints as well as chiropractic care including manual exercises and adjustments to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without resorting to surgeries. We are happy to report that our dedicated staff oftentimes successfully treats carpal tunnel syndrome without preforming surgery.

If you suffer from numbness or tingling throughout your wrist and fingers don’t hesitate to call us. Our dedicated staff, is always here ready and able to help you. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is just one of the conditions we address, in our quest to guide patients on the path to optimal wellness.

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