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neck_headache_pain_relief.jpgIf you suffer from acute or chronic pain, you may find it difficult or impossible to go about your daily activities, do your job or get much enjoyment out of life. Depending on the nature of your injury or illness, you may seek either total pain relief or a reliable, safe form of pain managementto get your symptoms under control. The good news is that you may not have to resort to risky, expensive surgeries or mind-numbing medications to break the cycle of pain, some tylenol may do it, just learn about how long does it take tylenol pm to work. Chiropractic adjustment, trigger point therapy and other natural treatment methods can control or even eliminate pain by addressing the underlying cause of your discomfort.

Why consult a chiropractor for your pain? Many cases of acute or chronic painstem from musculoskeletal issues that we can treat with spinal adjustments and trigger point therapy. Every pain sensation you experience travels through your central nervous system, a complex network that relays feelings and motor commands.

The central structure of this system is the spinal cord. If anything happens to throw your spine out of alignment, such as a car accident, your vertebrae and the discs that lie between them can push against the spinal cord and its major nerve roots, causing such agonizing issues as sciatica, back pain, neck pain, and shooting pains in the extremities. An alignment problem in another part of the skeleton can also impinge nerves painfully. With TMJ disorder, for example, muscle strain and nerve irritation from a misaligned jaw can refer pain into the neck, face, shoulder or head.

Soft tissues can develop chronic pain as well, especially in conditions that directly affect the muscles. Fibromyalgia, for instance, causes substances to build up in the muscles, leaving a series of painful “knots” in various tender points on the body. Osteoarthritis, another common source of chronic pain, occurs when cartilage between bones breaks down and surrounding tissues become inflamed. Conditions which have no outright cure can still respond to ongoing pain management so you can live your life with less discomfort, frustration and physical limitation.

Chiropractic Adjustment, Trigger Point Therapy and More for Your Pain Management

Our chiropractic team employs a wide range of treatments to help you get relief for your pain. Chiropractic adjustment can correct misalignments that underlie many forms of musculoskeletal pain by freeing trapped nerves and allowing strained muscles to stop overcompensating for the imbalance.

Trigger Point therapy relaxes muscles, making the adjustment process easier and more efficient while encouraging blood flow to those muscles. Improved circulation enables muscles and joints to release built-up inflammatory substances while receiving more nutrients for faster injury healing. We can even undo knots created by fibromyalgia or other chronic muscle conditions.sports_injury_pain.jpg

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