At St. Louis Medical Center we offer natural knee injections as a non-surgical alternative to knee pain treatment. Knee pain can result from osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, injuries or possibly even changes in your gait (way you walk). Knee pain often stems from the knee’s surrounding muscles and soft tissues becoming tight and increasing pressure on the knee. This tightness and increased pressure lessens the joint’s support mechanism and therefore increases pain. Osteoarthritis may be the result of the low “lubrication” in the fluid which cushions your knee.

Knee pain can also be the result of genetics, being overweight, overuse of the knee or certain other forms of arthritis. At clinic in St. Louis, St. Louis Medical Center our medical professionals have years of experience treating patients with knee pain.

Our dedicated health care professionals use a natural substance to assist in lubricating the knee and helps it operate properly. These natural knee injections are used successfully in treating osteoarthritis as well as other knee conditions. With each patient we design an individual treatment plan which may include natural knee injections, physical therapy as well as massage therapy. With our treatments at St. Louis Medical Center you will recover rather quickly and even minimize the chance of possible re-injury.

Typically our knee treatment plans are 6 to 8 weeks with oftentimes relief being seen after the first couple of treatments. This treatment is used to reduce inflammation, increase range of motion, increase flexibility, increase knee strength as well as improve function. St. Louis Medical Center is dedicated to treating the root causes of your conditions from your knee pain and also promote the overall health care improvement.

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