MrIx Mirgraine

At St. Louis Medical Center we offer MiRx treatment for migraines as well as medical and chiropractic care. The MiRx protocol treatment program is designed to treat headaches as well as facial pain and head pain. There are two primary components to the MiRx protocol:

Medical Component

The medical component of MiRx migraine treatment uses diagnostics to find the root cause of your pain and make sure that the treatment may be effective for your personal case.

After the initial exam and free consultation, our doctors at St. Louis Medical Center may prepare you for MiRx migraine treatment to quickly ease your headache and pains. This procedure targets a nerve cluster within the nasal cavity and by using specialized FDA cleared nasal applicator will deliver the medication directly to this nerve cluster.

Physical Component

The physical component will diagnose your test results and your feedback to find imbalances or conditions for long-term headache relief. These are often called “triggers”.

Migraine triggers:

  • Stress
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Hormonal Changes/Fluctuation
  • Lack of Food
  • Dietary Substances

Learn more about the Types of Migraines

Because headaches and migraines are often caused by triggers, our clinic director Dr. Sciortino along with other healthcare specialists may also recommend lifestyle changes that help you avoid those triggers. Triggers may include certain foods, insufficient sleep, specific odors, or emotional highs and lows. Our headache and migraine treatment plans may include any number of changes to your eating habits, sleeping habits, and overall lifestyle that can help you conquer headache and migraine pain and achieve optimum health and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions about Migraines and Chronic Headaches

Headaches affect millions of people every year. If you are plagued by headaches or migraines, chiropractic treatment may be able to help. Below, we answer some of your most pressing questions about headaches.

Chronic headaches are any type of head pain that recurs on a frequent basis — usually a few times per week. There are several types of headaches, including tension headaches and migraines. Tension headaches are related to muscle tension in the head, neck, and shoulders. Migraine pain, on the other hand, is usually described as ‘throbbing’ and is typically isolated to one side of the head.

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