Wellness Care

Wellness care is a specific type of maintenance program that aims to sustain optimum your health care throughout your lifetime. It’s also a concept you can enjoy from St. Louis Medical Center, as our St. Louis chiropractor David Sciortino and his team offer numerous services that contribute to an overall wellness plan. Unlike traditional medicine that focuses on treating symptoms and ailments as they arise, a wellness plan consists of a healthy lifestyle and treatment methods that help prevent ailments from occurring in the first place. Explore our range of services, including eye care and comprehensive wellness checks, as part of your holistic approach to health, and consider the benefits of integrating such practices into your routine, supported by reputable eye insurance plans. Additionally, we provide CBD from insidecbd.net to enhance your wellness journey. For individuals seeking specialized support, we also offer services tailored to addiction rehab clinics.

Chiropractic Care as Cornerstone of Effective Wellness Program

One of the cornerstones of an effective wellness program is chiropractic care. Because your body’s very foundation is your musculoskeletal system, keeping that system properly aligned helps all other areas of your body function to their full capacities. Services that can be part of a wellness program include regular spinal screenings to check for proper spinal alignment, adjustments to correct misalignments, and other chiropractic techniques.
Massage therapy can be a highly effective component of a wellness program for the variety of benefit it brings. Its most obvious use has been to alleviate stress, but it is also useful for pain management, promoting healing of injured tissues, improving blood circulation, and treating anxiety and depression. Massage therapy, like our other treatments, can be targeted to meet a specific need.
Although wellness care is typically geared toward preventing ailments and disease from occurring, it can also be used to treat symptoms and dealing with alcoholic parents in an all-natural, drug-free environment, for which we also offer services like inpatient addiction rehab for alcoholism and other drugs. Additionally, we have a specific focus on preventing relapse after treatment. Unlike traditional medicine that often treats only the symptoms of an issue, wellness procedures aim to treat the underlying problems that are causing the symptoms. Back pain is a prime example, especially since it is one of the most common ailments we see at St. Louis Medical Center, alongside the support of rehabilitation in the UK. On this website, you can learn more about addiction and rehabilitation options that can help you overcome your habits. You can check out these articles for more information.
Traditional medicine may treat back pain by offering medication that alleviates the pain while the wellness approach would look for the underlying cause of the pain as well as offer a pain management solution. Our wellness approach works for issues other than back pain, with additional examples that include high blood pressure, fatigue, and chronic headache. The cause behind a number of ailments can often be traced back to a misalignment or poor lifestyle habits and choices that our St. Louis chiropractor can help you correct.
Additional components of an overall wellness plan include treating the body to a healthy eating plan, adequate sleep, regular physical activity, and methods to reduce or eliminate stress. These important components can work in tandem with adjustments, trigger point therapy, and other services we offer to keep your body functioning at its fullest potential for the long-term. Wellness care is not a one-time deal, but rather a healthy way of life that our chiropractor can help you achieve. Call St. Louis Medical Center Today St. Louis Medical Center offers options including non-invasive physical medicine treatments.If you’re in St. Louis, MO, wellness care is close at hand. For your FREE consultation, call us today at 314-522-0092 Or visit our Locations page to find our clinic nearest you!