At St. Louis Medical Center we provide treatments covering a variety of conditions  shoulder pain. An estimated 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain throughout the body. Our professionals offer a diversified health care which can help reduce the effects and possibly even eliminate chronic pains. With our clinic located in St. Louis, we provide medical as well as chiropractic care to serve you.

The most common reasons for shoulder pain is arthritis or previous injuries. Many issues that result in pain through the  shoulders are related to the group of nerves called the Brachial Plexus. The nerves in the Brachial Plexus run from the lower neck through the upper shoulder which enable the wrist, arm & shoulder to move and feel. At St. Louis Medical Center we will offer a comprehensive examination and design a customized individual treatment plan to help alleviate your pain.

Another possible reason for  shoulder pain can be due to a vitamin deficiency or perhaps a herniated or bulging disc. The spine encompasses nerves which branch out throughout the entire body and can cause pain by pinched nerves or a misaligned spine. This is why medical and chiropractic care combined is critical in treating a wrist, arm & shoulder pain. Our professional medical experts in St. Louis will carefully evaluate your conditions and treat it with a combination of physical therapy, massage therapy, nutrition and individual exercise regiments.

Some signs that shoulder pain needs immediate attention may include a decreased ability to hold objects, decreased functioning of the arm, shoulder pain that persists even while at rest, shoulder pain that lasts more than a day or two, and unusual twinges or aches in the shoulder area.

Medical and chiropractic care combined can be an extremely effective treatment for shoulder pain regardless of its cause. Our experienced doctors begin with an examination of the patient’s neck area since shoulder pain can frequently be the result of “referred” pain from the neck. Whether the shoulder pain is connected to the neck or is limited to the lower part of the shoulder, it can generally be treated with non-invasive methods of natural healing.

Care for an injured shoulder may include application of heat, application of ice packs, gentle chiropractic manipulation to help the shoulder return to its original state of functionality, and gentle stretching and strengthening exercises that the patient can perform at home.

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