They say pain and stress go together. If you have pain, you may have stress. But if you have stress, you need not have pain. But your stress may cause pain to others! Those around you! Those who have concern for your health!

Back pain management depends upon what type of back pain you have! Is it your regular visitor? Or do you have the pain for the first time? If it was your regular visitor, how did you treat it? How did you get rid of it? Did you take some painkillers and got relieved? No, not well done! You are inviting more troubles for you, through your back.

Back pain and muscle pain go hand in hand. Sometimes, you do not know whether you have back pain or the muscle pain. In any case, their biological cause is identical-inflammation in the proximity of the pain area, that results in internal pressure and the pain receptors are activated in the nerve endings. Brain gets the relevant signals depending upon the intensity of the pain.

Avoid the painkillers and try to understand the root cause of the back pain. Some of the painkillers report the narcotics content up to 4 %. What to say about the Wise-Solomons in the Drug Controlling Departments, who certified such drugs as pain killers! By the time, the back pain is cured due to such drugs, if at all it is cured, you have created another incurable patient—the drug addict!

Therefore, I repeat again, understand your back again. If you are having it for the first time, don’t rush to your doctor straightaway. It could be due to any silly reason! A jerk while traveling in the bus or auto, lift any object in the wrong way, a stumble over the street puddle—such back pains will automatically heal themselves with a bit of co-operation from your end. Get your back massaged properly, again not in the wrong way, and try to get a comfortable sleep. Don’t be determined to watch your favorite TV program with the weight of your back on a pillow!

If you have a weak body, exercise-less body, you are likely to get back pains quite often. For this state, the right living is the answer! Try to find out from a yoga expert, which types of asana (postures) are suitable for you. By doing those exercises regularly, your back and front will become stronger to resist any sort of pain. It is your body. It requires service and maintenance, just as you provide that kindness to your car!

When did you have a morning walk last? If you are not willing to come out of your car, even for doing small jobs in the market, you will have one sort of pain or the other.
Building the body strength and power of resistance, is the best way to prevent back-pain.

Scientifically speaking, do exercise—and a natural antidote to pain, endorphins is released. It combats the negative afflictions in your body. Laziness and inactivity are the main causes of pain of all sorts especially the back pain.

Prolonged back pain may give rise to serious other pains and it may disable the body in parts. Do not neglect it. But mostly rely on the natural remedies. I am not telling you to neglect the doctor. Take his advice as well. Sometimes, his experience and expertise may solve your problem!